Friday Confessions

Today we went out for breakfast and I let my baby crawl all over the dirty floors.

As we were leaving, I realized we had left a huge chunk of food sitting on the table. This is the type of place where you clear your own table. The trash can was across the room so I glanced around, grabbed it and shoved it into my jeans pocket. Squishy pork hash.

Pearl was eating egg yolk and then decided she wanted to nurse so she lunged toward my breast. I have a mouth shaped, egg yolk ring on my shirt now and I probably won’t change.

Oh but we the best time!

Ok, what do you have to confess today?



9 thoughts on “Friday Confessions

  1. Nothing (yet) for today, but once I was at the toy store with A., and he had a gigantic snotty booger coming out of his nose and dripping onto his lip, and I didn’t have anything to wipe it with but wanted to stay at the store. I wiped it off with my hand and wiped my hand on the pocket of my jeans.

  2. I have to confess that I wanted to spend the whole day reading in bed, but forced myself to get up and be a productive member of society. I am crossing to-do list items off as we speak.

  3. p.s. Another time I took both kids and drove out to McMinnville just to go to the fabric store, and right before we got there A. got carsick and puked all over himself. I asked him if he felt okay and was willing to go in the store, and he said yes, so I wiped as much puke off his shorts as I could, took his pukey shirt off, and put a sweater over the top of him (even though it was like 80 degrees), and we went inside and shopped for fabric. =)

  4. I let my baby crawl on dirty floors as well. I also share spoons with them, and after reading one of the comments, I also have wiped snot on my pants or shirt. Hey a moms got to do what a mom has to do. And guess what, my two older girls made it to the teenage years! It is nice to know that there are other moms that do the same things I do. It makes me feel like not such such a bad mom after all.

  5. My 2year old did exactly the same today while we were eating at the hotel we were staying at the seaside. And last week too together with his 5 year old brother while we were attending a baptism party. It’s ok I guess provided that both kids and parents are having fun. I let them be kids

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