Honey Bee and the Window

I’m sitting here in my living room nursing Baby Girl to sleep and feeling sorry for the poor little bee trapped in our house.

She is buzzing and buzzing against the same place on the window, and getting herself all banged up in the process.

Meanwhile, just two feet away is the open window where she entered. She’s been trapped too long already to remember how she got here.

Dear little bee, I get it, I really do. You’re too busy fighting and you’re wearing yourself out in the wrong places. I know you can see the trees through that glass, but that’s not the same thing as a way out.

I know when you feel stuck, it’s easy to just keep flying; faster, harder, until you’re too tired from beating your wings against your own reflection.

You can fight it all day but you won’t be free.

Stop and take a look around. The answer might be closer than you think.


4 thoughts on “Honey Bee and the Window

  1. I have been feeling just like this bee lately but didn’t realize it completely until reading this little story today. Thank you for sharing, I feel better having read it.

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