How the Light Gets In

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen

Dear Pearl and Welly,

Just under two years ago, I walked into Dr. G’s office to talk about my physical health, or so I thought. I planned on buying a few expensive supplements and learning some cool home remedies that would make my body feel better.

Instead I learned that the minor physical problems showing up on my tests were just a symptom of some bigger emotional stress. What happened next was that I tentatively began my journey through what would become months of psychotherapy. I’ll tell you more about all that journey as time goes on.

For now I just want you to know that this is one of the things I am the most proud of in the entire world: I realized that I had lost my way and I let myself need help.

That is the legacy I want to hand down to you. To know that at some point in time, I stopped running away from my own struggles and started learning to love myself through them. You two were and are my inspiration for that work.

If you’re reading this sometime in the future and you feel lost, reach out for help. If you can’t do that, just stay put and stay as open as you can. Help WILL come and I’ll always be looking out for you. Falling is a part of life and so is flying. Sometimes the two are closer than you think.



6 thoughts on “How the Light Gets In

  1. You are an amazing writer. Your writings, even on topics that initially seem very foreign, unexpectedly always draw me in, and they are inspiring.

  2. Hi, I came across your blog through another blog. I don’t blog, myself, and have never commented but I just had to! Your writing is tremendously moving and touching. Your words and sentences are incredibly honest and raw. You have such a gift. It appears your life is pretty full and busy but I am really hoping you get to write more often and am looking forward to reading more of your posts! You have a beautiful family!!

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