Memories From a Perfectly Imperfect Easter

Dear Pearl and Welly,

I’m very tired tonight so I’ll keep this brief but I want to write about our day while its still fresh in my mind. Here are the top ten things I want to remember from this day in no particular order.

1) I don’t think we’ve ever had weather this perfect on Easter. Ever. It was really a gift for all us soggy, moss covered Oregonians. We spent most of the day outside.

2) Welly, you found a little black slug in the garden and spent the better part of an hour building a fort out of grass and leaves and feeding it rocks.

3) Pearl, you spent a lot of the day marveling over your newly discovered hands. I would stare at them too if I were you. They’re so soft and pudgy.

4) I feel like I look so large in the photos. Truly. It catches me off guard. There is no doubt that my body has been altered by my recent birth. I am so much softer and lumpier than I’ve ever been and I’m strangely ok with it. It’s really ok. It feels good that I can accept this even though I do still feel a little awkward in this new stretchier version of my own skin.

5) Grammie made a cobbler with the last of her frozen berries from the family ranch on Hardscrabble. After this Friday, the place will have a new owner and a piece of our family history will belong to someone else. In some ways you will both be connected to that piece of earth even though you won’t have memories of it. Ill tell you lots of stories.

6) Welly, you ate your first dinner roll and thought it was a donut.

7) Your auntie picked a beautiful bouquet for the table that made everything feel more festive.

8) Welly, your hair. Your wild and windy lion’s mane. It melts my heart.

9) I was able to let go of the expectations I had for myself (clean house, nice outfits for everyone) and just enjoy the day for what it was, that was a big victory for me.

10) For a few perfect minutes, I was rocking sleeping Pearl in my rocking chair outside with people I loved all playing in the yard around me. It doesn’t get better than that. It just doesn’t. Ok, maybe it would have been better if my legs were shaved but let’s not get fussy.







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