Oh the Ocean

This is my first blog post and I’ll keep it short for now. I’m not sure what this space will morph into and I’m trying to leave it open for whatever it needs to become. I’m inspired by some of my blogging friends and the way they’re able tell their story in a bold way and they give me courage to tell my own (Brianna, Kayla, Mindi).

These days with babies are so fleeting but so important and I want to have a record of them. Also I want Pearl and Welly to be able to look back and see the shape of our days together and the things I thought about. I think we’re shaping the world with our ordinary days and the work of learning how to love these little ones.

About the ocean. Last week we took a family beach day and had the best time. It was one of those days that I think we’ll always remember.

Being there with my brand new daughter was extra special. The ocean is always a centering place for me if I let it be so I loved getting to introduce her to it. I promised her that we would make lots of memories together at the ocean.

This trip reminded me how far our family has come in such a short time. When Welly was six weeks old I was so full of anxiety that a trip like this wasn’t possible or enjoyable. This time I felt myself able to cope with the challenges and that was huge for me. It was our whole family out and about in the world after kind of holing up for awhile after the birth. A big postpartum party that involved starfish, fish and chips, coffee, hermit crabs, and just enough screaming from both car seats to keep us humble.







2 thoughts on “Oh the Ocean

  1. I love that you named your little daughter Pearl. Pearl was my grandmother’s name, and she was an extraordinary woman. Wonderful photos. It looks like you had fun!

  2. Loved what you’ve decided to do; record your journey with your children.
    Sometimes I wish my mom would have been more of a writer, then I could read her diaries and understand her a bit better. But I guess I will just have to go about it the conventional way and learn to communicate with her 🙂

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